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"This man welcomes sinners and eats with them."

Luke 15:2 ESV

We worry about trying to build intentional relationships with non-Christians: Will we understand one another? Will we offend them? How uncomfortable will it be?

Jesus regularly ate with sinners—people in need of God, just like you and me. Why? Because Jesus longed to eat with them in heaven.

The incredible journey of following Jesus involves sharing who he is while sharing our lives with others. Over food and drink, through conversations filled with stories and insights, people come to know the love of God and the hope of salvation.

Eats with Sinners shows you how to let down your guard so God’s love can flow through you and get out across the table to your non-Christian friends. They’ll taste and see that the Lord is good as you invite them to one day feast with Jesus in heaven.

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"If your heart beats passionately for people who have wandered far from God, you need to read this book today! In Eats with Sinners, Arron Chambers reminds us of the power of love in reaching people for Jesus. He reminds us that love is always the best context through which to share the truth. And, he reminds us that there are no lost causes."

Mark Batterson, New York Times best selling author of The Circle Maker, Lead Pastor of National Community Church

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“Arron Chambers passion and heart for people come through powerfully in Eats with Sinners. This is a fantastic resource for all of us to be reminded and challenged by the way of Jesus. Arron points the way for engaging with the purpose of Jesus in practical and inspiring ways.”

Jud Wilhite, Central Church, Las Vegas

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"It's so easy to forget that the people who live on our streets, the people we see on the news who believe differently than we do, those whose lifestyles may make us uncomfortable, all bear the holy image of God and carry the same fears, the same loneliness, the same ultimate longings that Christians do. EATS WITH SINNERS is a gentle call to emulate a God who, when we were still far off, met us in Christ and brought us home."

Andrew Peterson, Christian Recording Artist and author of the award-winning Wingfeather Saga

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"Jesus was called a "friend of sinners." We are supposed to be friends with sinners. In fact, if you're not close to some people who are far from God, you may not be as close to God as you think you are, because God's heart is always with those who are far from Him. In "Eats With Sinners" Arron Chambers will inspire you to get closer to some people who are far from God and to love them like Jesus did."

Vince Antonucci, Lead Pastor of Verve Church and author of God For The Rest Of Us

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"I love that each chapter of this book focuses on a character trait that Christians should cultivate. God always wants to do work in us before He works through us. Let this book help mold your heart as the Spirit changes you—and then He may just use you to change the lives of the people around you."

Kyle Idleman, Bestselling author of Not a Fan and Grace is Greater

Church Resources

Free resources for your small group or church campaign!

The Party Program is a church-wide evangelistic program based on the book Eats with Sinners designed to help your church reach your community for Christ.

Download a PDF preview of the "Grace" week now.

"I believe in this method of evangelism. This program led to a revival in our church with 52 people getting baptized on the last day of this church-wide program! Our average attendance grew from about 463 during the month before we started the series to an average of 558 during the last month of the campaign. We baptized 82 people during this church-wide event, and we're still baptizing people!"

-Arron Chambers, Lead Minister of Journey Christian Church

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The program consists of The Jesus Series 13-week Church-wide Campaign, plus The Party 6-week Church-wide Campaign.

The Party Program Also Includes:

  • Links to the audio for all 19 sermons (now available online)
  • Full text of 19 sermons
  • PowerPoint presentations for 19 sermons
  • Small group lessons for 19 weeks (13 included at the end of every chapter of Eats with Sinners and 6 lessons in The Party series)
  • Big ideas for each week to help you communicate the message
  • Outreach ideas for each week of the program

Party Package Audio Sermons

  1. Integrity
  2. Accessability
  3. Grace
  4. Faith
  5. Intimacy
  6. Tolerance
  7. Resolve
  8. Urgency
  9. Mercy
  10. Humility
  11. Investment
  12. Joy
  13. Vision

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  1. Introduction
  2. Celebrate Life
  3. Celebrate Faith
  4. Celebrate Deliverance (audio not available)
  5. Celebrate Hope
  6. Celebrate

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Equip participants to be better evangelists!

Eats With Sinners Seminars are one-day events designed to equip participants to be better evangelists by teaching the primary lessons of the book Eats With Sinners in a high-energy, dynamic, interactive, and memorable way.

If you'd like to schedule a seminar or if you'd simply like more information about this exciting opportunity contact Arron Chambers.

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Bookstore and

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Visit the bookstore at to browse other books and resources.

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eats with sinners book cover image
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Arron Chambers
Author, Pastor, and Speaker

Arron Chambers, author of seven books, including Running on Empty: Life Lessons to Refuel Your Life (Cook Communications, 2005), Scripture to Live By (Adams Media, 2007), and Remember Who You Are!(Standard Publishing, July 2007), Yendo Con El Tanque Vacío (Spanish Translation of Running on Empty--Zondervan, November 2007), Go! (Standard Publishing, July 2009), Eats With Sinners (Standard, November 2009), Narrow-Minded Evangelism (Exponential, 2014), Devoted (NavPress 2015), and a new edition of Eats with Sinners (Navpress/Tyndale 2017) is the Lead Minister of Journey Christian Church in Greeley, Colorado. He is also a leadership coach, discipleship coach, evangelism, coach, marriage coach, and High School track and cross country coach, President & Founder of Tri Life, Inc., and an inspirational speaker who speaks to thousands of people each year, husband of a lovely wife, and the father of 4 beautiful kids.

Arron is also the Executive Producer of an upcoming movie about the life of a man who made horrible choices and the woman who never stopped loving him and praying for his redemption.

Arron holds the following degrees: Master of Arts (Church History/Theology): Abilene Christian University, May 2000; Bachelor of Theology: Florida Christian College, May 1993; Bachelor of Arts (Major-Preaching; Minor-Counseling): Florida Christian College, May 1992.

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